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Dylan Hendsbee

My name is Dylan Hendsbee, Born October 30th, 1991. I graduated from Gardiner high school and I knew early on I was blessed to work with my hands. Forming a strong work ethic at the age of 13, I worked for a landscaping company weekends, after school and summers up through high school. I became a butcher in my late teens and that carried through my mid 20’s, and in that time, I worked on different farms and processing plants learning multiple trades in the field. Building decks, chicken coups, cow pens, and many different structures that would all help create a foundation of knowledge in the residential business.

I am a loving father to 3 boys and 1 girl, and I am happily married to my wife, Amber. We share a home in Hallowell, in which we also run a dog breeding business with Golden Retrievers. I am an avid lover of the outdoors with passions for fishing and boating, disc golfing, snowmobiling, riding my motorcycle, canoeing, and traveling to see new sights. I love watching football, basketball, hockey, and lacrosse, ESPECIALLY the New England teams.

The journey with Jared, my partner and best friend started in 2018. I quickly realized I had met my match. Someone who has the same goals, drive, and determination as me was unheard of at the time, with that and our combined knowledge in the field, we dove headfirst in the home improvement business with a few tools and a beat-up truck. From there we have come so far. We both balance each others’ strengths and weaknesses and share beliefs in that pleasing the customer, and putting out a quality product are our number one priority. We are both men of integrity and have a strong faith in God, in which is the very foundation that Austin-Hendsbee and Sons was built upon. I say all the time, “the best part about us, is that there is two of me”. I can trust in Jareds decisions, as he can trust in mine.

I believe building relationships with our customers is a very crucial aspect of our business and separates us from most. We are family owned and operated and put the care of others needs before our own. My happiness comes from starting a project that has ill desire to most, and turning it into a beautiful, structurally sound piece of art. The “before, and after” effect of any project is where I get satisfaction, and with that, every homeowner can trust that they are choosing the right company to get the job done.